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MUCA Vita Brightening Toner + MUCA Vita Brightening Night Cream

RM 109.00 MYR RM 45.00 MYR

 *Products expiring in June 2021

Muca Vita Brightening Toner (200ml) work best following the primary cleansing step with MUCA Vita Brightening Foam Cleanser.

It has major purifying and stress relieving efficiency that originates from Chamomile and Nettle extract.

The Vita Brightening Toner will leave skin feeling fresher and complexion clearer and brighter.


MUCA Vita Brightening Night Cream (50ml) is the final step to an effective skincare regimen.

With ingredient such as Asarum Sieboldi Root extract that is known to treat pigmentation, the night cream can even out skin tone and reduces dark spots and discoloration on the skin.

Paired with a good night’s rest, the night cream also improves skin’s clarity and translucency resulting in clearer and brighter skin tone.